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Explain Amazon- Evolution Paper
Structure it properly according to the requirement of project and review completely and make it comprehensive. Your Business Strategy Report will provide an in-depth set of analyses, based on work provided of amazon's current strategic position. The report will also provide a comprehensive set of recommendations and action plans, with supporting reasoning and evidence. This cumulative report will be approximately 4000 words.
Perform a SWOT analysis by identifying the company's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.After reviewing the SWOT analysis of Amazon, propose Brand extension strategies to  increase market share.
Include below points in your report.
Consumer Decision-making process
Conventional feature touching customer decision making process
Effect of  Brand Concept on Buying-Decision 
Purchase Behavior and Amazon
SWOT- Amazon
The Competitor Analysis- Amazon 
Brand- Amazon
Brand Loyalty 
Brand Extension 
Customer Satisfaction Survey

Reference no: EM131110495

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