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CoffeeTime Simulation

A. In trying to determine where to locate its outlets in India, CoffeeTime had to analyze considerable data. Given this data, what does CoffeeTime really know about the various locations in India? What doesn't CoffeeTime know that it might learn from further research?

b. How do the limitations of the data available to CoffeeTime affect the validity and reliability of the data?

c. As the Manager for Business Development, what further data would you like to see before deciding where to locate CoffeeTime outlets in India? How should CoffeeTime obtain a random sample?

d. No amount of research ever provides a decision maker with a complete picture. Given the secondary data available to CoffeeTime, what decision-making strategies would you recommend as the Manager for Business Development?

e. Research always has limits. Discuss three or four constraints placed on CoffeeTime in the scenario. How should CoffeeTime address these constraints?

Reference no: EM1342931

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