Expert systems-neural networks and genetic algorithms

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Artificial Intelligence topics include Expert Systems, Neural Networks and Genetic Algorithms. Do you think that companies can really use artificial intelligence to make a good business decision? Why or why not? Are there ethical concerns here? How about ethical concerns for gathering and using competitive intelligence?

Reference no: EM131398223

Different waves of feminism

1. Describe and discuss the three different waves of feminism. Include the different goals of these movements. In which ways was each movement successful and what is the rol

What does taking ownership of the leaders vision mean

Evaluate and respond to the following perspective offered by a classmate from another course section: "It starts with a follower trusting the leader and taking ownership of th

Which type of management informations system

You have been assigned as senior director for a large manufacturing company. Your first assignment is to decide which type of Management Information’s System can best support

Different perspectives-scientific-ethical and economic

A genetic test may be judged from several different perspectives—scientific, ethical, and economic. How are these perspectives different? Why is it important to understand the

Manufactures and markets product known as fat blocker

Fat-Lab, Inc., manufactures and markets a product known as “Fat Blocker.” The purpose is to change a person’s digestion of certain materials as an aid in controlling weight. T

Bank management is becoming increasingly complicated

Bank Management is becoming increasingly complicated. What are the Four Major concerns of bank managers in ensuring the profitability of their operations? Explain three with e

Describe how these sources might be used

What are some secondary sources of information that might be used to conduct research into this topic? Describe how these sources might be used. Describe a method you could us

Political appointees to federal administrative positions

Tension between political appointees to federal administrative positions below the cabinet level who usually stay on the job for about two years or so and career personnel who


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