Expert systems-neural networks and genetic algorithms

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Artificial Intelligence topics include Expert Systems, Neural Networks and Genetic Algorithms. Do you think that companies can really use artificial intelligence to make a good business decision? Why or why not? Are there ethical concerns here? How about ethical concerns for gathering and using competitive intelligence?

Reference no: EM131398223

Legal-ethical issues related to employees off-job behaviors

What are the business concerns and associated legal/ethical issues related to employees’ off-the-job behaviors such as engaging in dangerous/extreme sports, belonging to parti

Use information and information technologies

How can a goal-seeking, mission-driven, purposeful organization use information and information technologies to gain a competitive advantage in its attempt to outperform its c

Why the project manager will not only need to communicate

Effective communication is more than something that the project manager must schedule. It is more like a means of doing business. The project manager will not only need to c

Goal definition-describe the project goals

You currently work for a retail store that carries basic household goods, some groceries, and health and beauty products. The store is located in the small community (approxim

What seasonal relatives would describe this situation

The manager of a fashionable restaurant open Wednesday through Saturday says that the restaurant does about 31 percent of its business on Friday night, 26 percent on Saturday

Responsive-risk-hedging and agile supply chains

What are characteristics of efficient, responsive, risk-hedging, and agile supply chains? Can a supply chain be both efficient and responsive? Risk-hedging and agile? Why or w

Best order size for its best-selling satellite dish

Ray's Satellite Emporium wishes to determine the best order size for its best-selling satellite dish (model TS111). Ray has estimated the annual demand for this model at 850 u

Determine a sequence that will minimize makespan time

hetimes required to complete each of eight jobs in a two-machine flow shop are shown in the table that follows. Each job must follow the same sequence, beginning with machin


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