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Networking in Person

DESCRIPTION: To help you carefully reflect on your experiences networking in a new cultural context, you must submit a short paper in which you describe your experiences in approaching a new contact (e.g. a neighbor, fellow student, bus driver, security guard, etc.). More details will be provided in class.

Paragraph1 – Set the scene

Where were you? What was happening? Who did you approach? Why did you approach them? How did you approach them?

Paragraph2 – Describe the discussion

What did you say? What did you talk about? Who controlled the conversation?

Paragraph3 – Examine the experience

Reflect on the encounter – how did you feel before, during and after? Did you notice any unique behavior or non-verbal communication? Did you notice and cultural differences in how you interacted with each other?

FORMAT FOR SUBMISSION: Your paper must be a 300-word (maximum)

Reference no: EM132184858

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