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A firm has sales of $10 million, variable costs of $4 million, fixed expenses of $1.5 million, interest costs of $2 million, and a 30 percent average tax rate.

Compute its DOL, DFL, and DCL.

What will be the expected level of EBIT and net income if next year's sales rise 10 percent?

What will be the expected level of EBIT and net income if next year's sales fall 20 percent?

Reference no: EM13749518

Optimal level of leverage

What impact does asymmetric information have on the optimal level of leverage? In your answer, be sure to describe the implications of adverse selection and the lemons princ

Process of innovation-global expansions

Respond to the following in a 250 -300 word post: Discuss the four main elements needed to bring an innovative idea to the marketplace. What are then some of the difficultie

Volatility of stocks

You decide to show Alice Cartwright how beta affects the volatility of stocks. You need to go out and find 5 stocks in which you think Alice might have investment interest.

Calculate the price of the house

Assume the growth rate that you calculated in #1 prevailed since 1900. Calculate the price of the house in 1900. Assume the growth rate that you calculated in #1 prevailed sin

Case study of exide corporation

Exide stock price had been lagging its industry averages, so its board of directors brought in a new CEO, John Lee. Lee had brought in Ashley Novak;finance MBA who had been

Convertible bond conversion premium

A $1000 par value convertible bond has a conversion price of $50. It is currently selling for $1,120 despite the fact that the bond's coupon rate and the market rate are equ

Describe the manufacturing process

Choose a product to manufacture and describe the manufacturing process. Prepare the following budgets for 1 quarter, broken down monthly, regarding your chosen item:

Focusing more today on social responsibility

There are many examples of how the actions of a company have negatively affected consumers. Product recalls, bans, and warning labels have helped to protect consumers and co


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