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You plan to invest? $10,000 in a? stock, borrowing? $6,000 of the cost from a? friend, thus putting up? $4,000 of your own money. The cost of debt is? 12%, and there are no taxes or transaction costs. With this? arrangement, you expect a return of?20% on your equity investment. What would your expect your return to be without the? leverage? That? is, what would your return be if you? didn't borrow any money and? instead, the entire? $10,000 invested was your? money? (percent with 2?decimals)

Reference no: EM132185197

Explain how real interest rates could be very high

During the Great Depression of the 1930s, nominal interest rates were close to zero. - Explain how real interest rates could be very high even though nominal interest rates we

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It can borrow at a rate of 7.5%, but the bank requires it to have a TIE of at least 4.0, and if the TIE falls below this level the bank will call in the loan and the firm wi

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Natsam Corporation has $250 million of excess cash. The firm has no debt and 500 million shares outstanding with a current market price of $15 per share. Natsamâ's board has

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A stock has had returns of -26 percent, 6 percent, 34 percent, -5 percent, 28 percent,and 19 percent over the last six years.what are the arithmetic and geometric returns for

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Heleveton Industries is 100% equity financed. Its current beta is 1.1. The expected market risk premium is 8.5% and the risk-free rate is 4.2%. If Heleveton changes its capita

What would be the company roi in this scenario

The Chief Financial Officer of the company believes a more realistic scenario would be a $4 million increase in sales, requiring an $2,016,000 increase in average operating as

Explanation of using persuasive thinking

A description of each of the problem situations An explanation of using persuasive thinking to solve the first problem An explanation of using scientific thinking to solve t

Maintain a minimum balance

Randy, a student, has $500 to deposit in a new checking account, but Randy knows he will not be able to maintain a minimum balance. He will not use an ATM card, but will wri


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