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A virtual team is tasked with revising an existing process that is causing productivity issues. To evaluate the problem areas, the team has to develop a process model detailing the existing and new, improved process. The team comprises two members of a software group domiciled in India, three members of the process modeling functional group, and a manager at the home office in Washington, DC. The team is facing the following issues:

1. One of the team members, Dave, does not believe in process modeling and is very aggressive vocally. He intimidates the group from India, which forces the group members to be silent about their process improvement ideas.

2. Two members of the marketing group living in Atlanta are unfamiliar with process improvement methods but have been involved in gathering data about production issues and know the reasons for some of the problems. These team members are consistently overruled when making suggestions on moving forward.

3. The research and development group in Japan is very experienced in production improvements strategies, but since the senior managers are presenting decisions, the group is hesitant to express its ideas and question the decisions.

4. During the meetings, the virtual team consistently discusses items that are not on the agenda.

5. A few members do not see the urgency to complete the process improvement project by the expected delivery date. To meet the project deadline, a few members prefers meeting separately to complete the tasks on their own.

Identify potential cultural and team dynamic issues and the intervention methods the virtual leader ca n use to resolve the conflicts.

Reference no: EM13758387

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