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This week we look at tailoring business models to existing conditions and different industry environments. But I thought that in starting a business, or in fact growing a business, you need to “stand out” from the crowd. You need to distinguish yourself and your business. So just how important then in your opinion, is tailoring the business models? Select a business that that either already exists, or you would love to start, and support your thoughts. Show us why it is, or is not, important to tailor the models!

Reference no: EM131159206

The situation in a positive or negative way

Be sure to discuss how the theory you selected relates to the situation in a positive or negative way, and if negative, how the situation could have been handled differently i

Describe the switching costs

Describe the switching costs that a company would incur if it began to phase out its current suppliers and pick new suppliers. How would you suggest this company reduce its sw

The firm is opening its headquarters in chicago

The firm is opening its headquarters in Chicago and is considering three office locations, which differ in cost due to square footage and office equipment requirements

Annual fixed costs are estimated

The Battle Creek Breakfast Food Company has developed a new breakfast cereal which it is considering for full-scale production. Test market results have provided the following

Four occupants of the vehicle she hit were awarded damages

Annie Body was judged at fault in an accident. The four occupants of the vehicle she hit were awarded damages of $15,000, $10,000, $10,000, and $5,000. Annie has 15/30/5 liabi

Style of leadership and take a position

Robert Nardelli was heavily criticized for his leadership style and methods he used during his tenure as CEO of Home Depot. Using your readings for this week, along with out

Adverse impact on the hiring process

Your company has been granted a large contract by the government and as a result, you need to hire 100 people to meet the needs of this contract, per your strategic plan. Dete

Enough evidence to support the claim

The Pew Research Center claims that more than 55% of American adults regularly watch a network news broadcast. You decide to test this claim and ask a random sample of 425 Ame


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