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1. Which of the following is an example of the concentration targeting strategy?

A. A retailer that sells gadgets for left-handed people only

B. A cruise line that advertises to families and singles

C. A toy manufacturer that makes some toys for children and some for adults

D. A tailor who individualizes each suit for each customer

2. Frito-Lay is to ________ focus as Harley Davidson is to ________ focus.

a. product, mass customization

b. process, product

c. process, repetitive

d. product, repetitive

e. repetitive, product

3. What have restaurants such as Steakhouses and Stacked Restaurants used to replace their traditional paper menus?

a. index cards containing a picture of each item

b. spoken descriptions

c. menus painted on the walls

d. singing descriptions

e. iPad menus

Reference no: EM132184978

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