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Explain the process by which increased production volume leads to lower costs. Give an example from a real or hypothetical firm. Can this process apply to a service organization as well as a manufacturing one? If so, give an example. If not, explain why not.

Reference no: EM13822140

Compensate under the law of insurance

Under the principle of insurance, the compensation that is provided is for the losses resulted from the risk existed previously. In some circumstances, for example natural dis

How many kanban card sets should be authorized

Hinge Manufacturing Company employs a Kanban system for a component part. The daily demand is 900 hinges. Each container has a wait time of 0.05/day, and a processing time o

Complementary goals the disputants have

Each of us has had an interpersonal conflict in our life in which we have been the disputant, an agent or advocate, or a constituent. List the incompatibles of goals that rend

What is the yield-to-maturity

A $20,000 face value STRIPS is currently quoted at 38.642 and has 8 years to maturity. What is the yield-to-maturity? 6.26 percent 6.30 percent 12.25 percent 12.65 percent 12.

Differences between specific job and general job description

What do you see as the main differences between a specific job description and a general job description? Suppose several people are employed in the same job as the one for wh

Assume the role of communication consultant

Assume the role of communication consultant. You have been asked to assist a rather traditional organization in changing its culture to a more open and collaborative culture.

Kind of major transition that you believe

An overview of at least 4 ways in which things will be different under the new operations paradigms. At least 3 potential improvements you think the company might expect to se

What is the lower and upper specification limit

The length of a bar is expected to be cut to a length of 2.25±.03 inches. A quality manager measures the cut bars and finds the sample mean of the length of the bar to be 2.25


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