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Explain the process by which increased production volume leads to lower costs. Give an example from a real or hypothetical firm. Can this process apply to a service organization as well as a manufacturing one? If so, give an example. If not, explain why not.

Reference no: EM13822140

Calculate the process capability index

A metal fabricator produces connecting rods with an outer diameter that has a 1 ± .01 inch specification. A machine operator takes several sample measurements over time and de

Find probability that there is one person waiting

In a waiting line situation, arrivals occur at a rate of 2 per minute, and the service times average 18 seconds. Assume the Poisson and exponential distributions. Find average

What are the three components of employee involvement

What are the three components of employee involvement and quality-of-work-life programs. Unions adopt one of five reactions to innovative workplace initiatives. What are they

Question about capacity information

Macon Controls produces three different types of control units used to protect industrial equipment from overheating. Each of these units must be processed by a machine that M

Conveyor used in the manufacture of grain for transporting

A granary has two options for a conveyor used in the manufacture of grain for transporting, filling, or emptying. One conveyor can be purchased and installed for $70,000 with

Debate heightens over measuring health care quality

Debate Heightens over measuring health care quality Why is measurement necessary within a continuous improvement program? In what operations contexts can data analytics be use

Short list of pre-approved sellers

Using a short list of pre-approved sellers is one way to eliminate a lot of the time and effort of the bid process. Are there any reasons you can think of for why using a sh

What two types of production process design

More recently JIT uses what 2 types of Production Process Design. What are they and explain the basic concept. Name four key elements of Supply Chain Management where Logistic


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