Examined the research that has been conducted on people

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Examined the research that has been conducted on people who have had the two hemispheres of their brains disconnected as a life-saving measure in cases of severe epilepsy.

We discussed how this essentially provides these individuals with two separate brains operating independently in one head. Information in the left visual field, for instance, is unable to be perceived by the left hemisphere of the brain, and therefore cannot be described verbally. Likewise, since the left hand is controlled by the left side of the brain, it cannot respond to the verbal command "Pick up the pencil", because the right side of the brain would not hear that command.

Your challenge question (actually three questions) is this: How could a person who has a split brain complete the following three tasks - ride a bicycle, row a boat, and play the drums?

You may need to seek outside information on split-brain research to answer this (these) question(s), but please remember that this is an OPINION question. You need to be able to support your opinion, but this may require some right-brain (that is, creative) thinking.

Reference no: EM131132773

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