Examine the implication of change processes experienced
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Leadership and Change Management Assignment -

Assessment Brief - The assessment is to produce an individual reflective account on leadership styles, traits and competencies that were exhibited in the case. Evaluate the leadership styles and traits of Gosfield Park. Assess how the company utilizes its good reputation as a regional showground in the context of the company's culture and the wider competitive environment. Give your reasoning for your choices of aslternative actions and behaviours.

Assessment Requirements -

1. Analyse and evaluate the managerial technique employed by Sebastian and Patrick in implementing and managing change and innovation.

2. Examine the implication of change processes experienced/implemented by Gosfield.

3. Provide at least 10 references.

Structure -

1. Introduction - Introduction of change management and leadership. Background of the case. Objective of the assignment.

2. Analysis and Evaluation -

i. Identify and discuss two theories of leadership styles and behaviors adopted by the top management team in Gosfield Park.

Evaluation of two theories adapted by the top management team in Gosfield Park in attaining their accomplishments based on their managerial techniques.

ii. Identify and discuss two change management theories in order to smooth the change.

Analyse and evaluate the implication of the two theories of change management to be conducted or raised that would help Gosfield Park in sustaining their good reputation as a regional showground.

3. Conclusion

4. Referencing  

Learning outcomes - On successful completion of this module, the student should be able to:

  • Critically evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of a range of leadership theories.
  • Evaluate alternative models of change and identify barriers to change and its implementation.
  • Identify cultural and gender issues associated with the leadership and change process.
  • Identify and evaluate a range of strategies and methods to ensure that change is successfully implemented and is sustainable.
  • Identify appropriate tools and techniques to aid the planning, implementing and evaluation of change.

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This study has helped to identify the importance of change management system and the different roles of leadership and its styles that has helped in meeting with the need of the management team of Gosfield Park. Change management system refers to a process of ensuring the use of standardized procedures and methods that will help in bringing the change in the IT system effectively. On the other hand, it is also important for a person to provide proper guidelines and direction to a group of employees in order to execute a work and act as a leader. There are different types of leadership theories that are being followed by the leaders of different companies to work in an efficient manner.

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    Generic Marking Criteria: 90-100% - A quite exceptional and outstanding answer, providing insights which would not be available publicly, and would, with some editing, be publishable. In addition to the features of the next section, this range is distinguished by superior organisation, economic use of language and totally comprehensive, given the conditions of the exercise. 80-89%- An answer which demonstrates an excellent understanding of the question and of the complexity of the issues involved. There is a sound basis of relevant factual knowledge and/or the theoretical issues involved. Most of the important issues are dealt with in a detailed, specific and systematic way. There is either some measure of original thinking in the answer or an accurate and comprehensive account is given in a way which demonstrates understanding, for example by structuring the material such that it could not have been based just on reproduction of lecture notes and course material. Evidence of creativity, critical approach, and wide reading beyond the core subject matter.

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    Generic Marking Criteria 50-59% - Satisfactory structure and flow with minimal errors displayed in the use of English and essay writing skills. Some evidence of original thought and a satisfactory level of discussion. Some errors in the citing and listing of references/bibliography. Satisfactory focus to the essay with some evidence of individual contribution and various aspects of the assignment requirements.

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