Examine interface between country environment and industry

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Krispy Kreme Donuts

1. Introduction

i. Colombia- country summary, demographics, culture, openness to international companies, affiliations with other countries

ii. Success of other international companies in Colombia, failure of other companies (why)

II. Problem

How have companies who have begun conducted business in Colombia been affected by the political, social, economic issues present? How has Colombia been able to cater to these international companies' success or failures? What issues were conducive to the business? What can Colombia continue to do or not do in order to continue its growth in the international business environment?

III. Environmental Factors- (PESTL ANALYSIS MELVIN)

i. Examine the interface between country environment and industry

IIII. Strategy & Performance

i. Colombia's current worth and cash flows

ii. Colombia's FDI strategy (economic growth strategy)

iii. Projected growth in Colombia GDP, GNP, service based or industrial based economy?

iv. Previous expansion strategies

v. Company's current international marketing strategy (Krispy Kreme- Porter's 5 forces)

V. Recommendations

VI. How can companies overcome the adversity of cultural differences in Colombia? In the example of Krispy Kreme, what could they have done differently in order to penetrate more of the market in Colombia? What can companies do in order to assimilate themselves better with the local culture?

Reference no: EM13732099

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