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Lean Operating Systems" Please respond to the following:

• From the first e-Activity, examine at least three different types of waste that can be found in an organization of your choice. Suggest the lean strategies to confront them.

• From the second e-Activity, compare and contrast the lean service system found with Southwest Airlines to a full-service airline such as United Airlines, British Airways, and other large carriers in terms of cabin service, boarding process, baggage handling, and service encounters.

• Recommend ways for the airline carriers to improve their lean operation system in terms of speed and quality while reducing waste and costs. Explain your rationale.

• Watch the video Chapter 17, titled "Introduction to Lean Manufacturing," (9 min 35 s), located in the course shell. Be prepared to discuss.

o Use the Internet to research airline companies including Southwest Airlines and some full-service airlines such as United Airlines and British Airways. Take a note on their lean service systems. Be prepared to discuss.

Reference no: EM131424069

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