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In your Personal Project you will analyze a virtual team project that you were a part of in order to learn from that experience. Think of it as a kind of after-action review. You can learn from past successful experiences and you can learn from experiences that were less than successful. The goal is to disassemble and examine a virtual team experience that you had in the past to see what can be learned from it.

The scoring guide for the Personal Project lists these five requirements for the project:

1. Categorize the example you select using Duarte and Snyder's typology of virtual teams.

2. Describe relevant details of the example you select in terms of purpose, people, process, and communication technologies (see Lipnack & Stamps).

3. Identify the complexity of social and technical issues involved in VTC.

4. Critically assess key factors that influence VTC performance.

5. Identify strategies for improving VTC performance.

Reference no: EM13722247

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