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Answer each question individually

  • Create a five-question survey that invites guest comments to improve service in your fast-food restaurant and explain your reasoning behind each question.
  • As the manager of a fast-food restaurant, determine when guest comments would be not be helpful to improve service or product quality. In the event of repetitive negative comments about the quality of the food, recommend one "quick fix" method of remedying that condition.
  • Explain how social media review sites, such as Yelp and Trip Advisor, aid and hinder the hotel and tourism industries' ability to offer exceptional service. For example, if a national chain received poor reviews (2 out of 5 ratings), discuss the impact this could have on your decision to visit the establishment.
  • Take a position on the following: Managers should offer dissatisfied customers who report on social media review sites an incentive to return.

Reference no: EM131160540

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