Evaluation of the sprout social tools and how to apply it
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Assignment - "Evaluation of the Sprout Social tools and how to apply it"

Research contain -

1. History of the Sprout Social tools: Half a page

2. Definition of the Sprout Social tools -

i. (Wasel, 2003)

ii. (Al-Lahidan, 2015)

iii. (Al Jaber, 2016)

3. How it works and apply Sprout Social tools: Four pages are applied to the same web site this Sprout Social tool. Each step the work it is illustrated with pictures for each step from web site this Sprout Social tool.

4. Evaluation of the Sprout Social tools: (1page) table have one side Criteria Sprout Social tools other side have descriptive this criteria


descriptive  this Criteria











 (Al-Lahidan, 2015)

2 pages - After table explain how Evaluation of the Sprout Social tools with this criteria

5. Advantages of the Sprout Social tools.

6. The disadvantages of the Sprout Social tools.

7. Competitive Sprout Social tools: One page put image that contain all tools Competitive Sprout Social.

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Evaluation of the sprout social tool is the topic of discussion. There is detailed overview presented about what makes up the sprout social tool features and how it is of use to organizations. Discussion is presented about the application of the tools as well as other related discussion about the limitations and competitor brands.

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