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Theme: Consumer Expectations


Chapter 2 (Global Supply Chain Operations) of Bookboon.com ebook, use this link and go to pages 17-29 of the ebook (Please use link below)


Customer Expectation Trends: They Want It All. So Get Out Of The Way (Please use link below)


10 Trending Changes In Customers and Customer Service Expectations (Please use link below)


Customers Want More: 5 New Expectations you Must Meet Now (Please use link below)


Integrating customer expectations into the development of business strategies in a supply chain environment (Please link below)



Innovation in Supply Chains (Please use link below)


Evaluation of the Retail Consumer & How Supply Chains Must Adapt - Todd Peters (Please use link below)



Participate in Part 2 Learning Activities - Initial response due by Thursday, classmates follow up responses due by Sunday. (6 responses in all) 2 Learning Activities, 2 classmates follow up for each learning activity.

Part 2 Learning Activities:

Done well, these LAs might be of help in this Part's Customer Expectation Assignment (posted under the Assignment tab found on the main top-of-page menu.)

Learning Activity 2-1: From the readings - or your own topic-related research, identify 3 ways you might discover what customers expect. Identify key risks in these methods. You choose - but explain your reasoning carefully.

Learning Activity 2-2: It is claimed that Nordstrom once refunded the price of 4 tires - even though they don't sell tires. Any Ritz-Carlton employee may spend up to $75 on-the-spot to aid a customer. Explain 3 reasons why those firms might do such things - be specific by using examples from the readings that support your reasoning.

Reference no: EM131264633

Calculate moving average and weighted moving average formula

September: 87616 October: $465108 NOvember : $385402 December: $323606 calculate the moving average and weighted moving average the formula: Fi =0.4Ai-1 + 0.3Ai-2 + 0.2Ai-3 +

Analyze key parameters of a company''s supply chain operation

Topic:  Analyze key parameters of a company's supply chain operations, suggest improvements, and predict the operational and economic impact of the changes.

Analyze the effects of customer demands on suppliers

Analyze the effects of customer demands on suppliers. Define various ways suppliers may prepare for customer demand changes. Define various ways customers may prepare for supp

Design and build project

Design and Build (D&B) project form of contract has gained increased recognition, particularly in the construction industry, in the last decade (Lam, Chan and Chan, 2008).

Use to manage stakeholders with high interest and high power

What strategy would you use to manage stakeholders with high interest and high power? What type of document can you prepare to clarify stakeholders’ rankings of project scope,

Identify strengths and weaknesses within the supply chain

Assume that you have been appointed by the board of directors to carry out an audit on the organisation's supply chain and its management. The purpose of the audit is to ide

Find out the real reason behind the challenges and issues

Challenges and communicational issues arise between multicultural employees and to assess as to why and what is the reason behind these challenges there was a detailed analysi

How can zara maintain its competitive advantage

How can Zara maintain its competitive advantage, here the concept of sustainability may be introduced - Are there similarities between Zara Dells and Myers formula for success


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