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Case Study - United General Hospital ICU Expansion Case Study


United General Hospital is a 15-year-old, 220-bed hospital built to serve a suburban community of 90,000 residents, 60 miles outside Des Moines, Iowa. Of the beds, 10 are in the intensive care unit (ICU). Over the last 15 years, the community has grown to over 190,000 residents, who are supported by United General and four urgent care facilities. With the urgent care facilities able to address many of the population's non-emergency issues, there is an increase in the ratio between the use of the hospital's non-ICU facilities and its ICU facilities. In a typical week, the ICU operates at 120% capacity and 40% of patients experience a six- to eight-hour delay transferring to the ICU. The patients remain either in the emergency department, creating an overcrowded emergency department, or in post-op, causing overcrowding and delays in scheduled surgeries.

The hospital has just received $15 million in funding and is considering expanding the ICU; however, the CEO is not convinced that expanding the ICU department is the right solution for the hospital. The analysis is to include options that combine expanding the ICU department with using remote ICU monitoring.

The ICU senior staff brought you, Raul Hemply, in as a consultant to build a business case to support the decision to expand the ICU and use remote ICU monitoring. You will work with the ICU's senior staff to build a business case and present it to the CEO and board of directors for final consideration. There will be great emphasis placed on data and analyses that support your recommendation. Because of this, you need to use data derived from informed or objective sources, or evidence-based data, to build the recommendation. The CEO will want to know the sources, validity, and reliability of the evidence presented.

As you create your business case, there are several options to consider:

1. Subscribe to remote ICU monitoring services with a per usage model so that you only pay for services as they are rendered.

2. Expand the ICU with a combination of ICU beds and regular beds managed by a combination of bedside and remote ICU monitoring.

3. Expand the ICU with ICU rooms managed by bedside teams.

4. Expand the ICU and subscribe to remote ICU monitoring for rooms that will serve patients with more serious conditions.

Topic: Halthcare Informatics

Detailed Question: Read the United General Hospital ICU Expansion Case Study in your Learning Resources and prepare a PowerPoint presentation (16 slides minimum, with no more than 20 slides excluding your references) that will guide the CEO and board of directors to follow the recommendation(s) presented to expand the hospital's ICU unit. Keep in mind that this presentation would be delivered within a one hour time slot in a board of director's meeting, whereby you want to allow approximately 2 minutes per slide for presentation delivery and allow time for questions. As you complete the assessment, remember the following:

The presentation should include the elements necessary to effectively communicate the data used to develop the business case.

A specific statement of the clinical and financial data types involved in the business case should be included.

The presentation should provide a clear evidence-based, data-driven recommendation(s) regarding the expansion of the hospital's ICU.

The presentation should provide an opportunity statement that presents the problem, the recommendation presented to solve the problem, and the multiple options considered.

The presentation should take into account the needs of the community, the patients, the hospital, and investors when researching and presenting your findings.

The presentation should offer alternative methods of data management such as cloud-based storage and the possible use of Application Service Provider (ASP) HIT models.

Your presentation should include the following:

Introduction (5-6 slides)

Explain the importance of evidence-based decision making in health care. Discuss how this evidence applies to patient care outcomes, financial outcomes, competitive advantage, and organizational transparency. Your slides must include:

A definition of evidence-based decision making.

An explanation of the relevance of evidence-based decision making in the health care industry.

A clearly defined the problem you intend to solve through the use of evidence-based decision making.

A description of the types of HIT systems that recommend to support decision making.

Recommendation & Rationale (8-11 slides)

Using the data provided, analyze the current and future state of the ICU. Consider three scenarios for the future state, one without additional beds and two with additional beds. Based on your research and analysis, determine two viable scenarios for bed count and present these scenarios. Use graphics, text, and charts as required.

The slides and presenter notes should include:

An overview of three options for the ICU that you analyzed. The presenter notes should provide a 2- to 3-paragraph analysis of the three options, using academic resources to support your options.

A description of how each option will address the issues in the ICU. The presenter should provide 2- to 3-paragraph detailed explanation of how each option will address the issues in the ICU.

A final recommendation for one of the options and an explanation of why it will maximize the benefits to the hospital, patients, and community.

A detailed rationale justifying your recommendation.

A graphic comparison between the current state of the ICU vs. the remote monitoring ICU implementation in 5 years. The presenter notes should include a detailed explanation of the graphic.

An explanation of the impact of your recommendation on staffing, productivity, competitiveness, and finances, using appropriate qualitative and quantitative data to support your explanation. The presenter notes should include an explanation regarding how the data supports your explanation.

Evidence Evaluation

Knowing that United General's leadership team focuses on evidence-based decision making, address the following, in 3-4 slides:

Summarize the evidence used in developing the opportunity statement and recommendation.

Describe why each piece of evidence is relevant to patients, the community, and the hospital.

Summarize the analysis used to create the recommendation.

Evaluate the validity and reliability of the data.

Recommend methods to improve the validity and reliability of the data.

Note: The presentation should be a minimum of 16-20 slides, not including the title and reference slide. Your Assignment must be written in standard edited English. Be sure to support your work with specific citations from this week's Learning Resources and additional scholarly sources as appropriate. Your Assignment should show effective application of triangulation of content and resources to show your conclusion and recommendations.

Attachment:- Case Study.rar

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