Evaluate the use of complex models of project risk

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Project Risk and Procurement Management

Relates to Learning Outcomes:

- Locate, synthesise and critically evaluate recent/current information from a wide range of published literature in the area of Project Risk and Procurement Management.

- Apply knowledge of the theory and practice of Project Risk and Procurement Management to develop insights into and solve current problems.

- Critically evaluate the use of complex models of Project Risk and Procurement Management; systematically and creatively making sound judgements based on the systematic analysis and creative synthesis of ideas.

- Critically and effectively assess the value of theories, concepts and models to the practice of Project Risk and Procurement Management.

Assessment Housekeeping:

You are required to follow the University's regulations regarding plagiarism and citing sources and references used. Assignments may not be submitted late.

Marking penalties for late submission will follow the University regulations for PMC and late submission. Please note that there are changes in the late submission process this year.

Assignment Brief

The management of risk is proving to be one of the most difficult tasks for the project management profession. How can risk be managed effectively and who should be responsible for this task?

You are required to critically analyse the concept of risk; discuss how it can be measured and ranked and outline how a project risk management strategy may be constructed for a project of your own conception. In completing this assignment, you should address how appropriate practices can assist in minimising risk for your project.

Work should be underpinned by theories, examples and supported by extensive references, and graphs

Remember to include a list of references used at the end of the report (presented Harvard style).

Please structure the assignment as a report - include: Title Page - Contents - Introduction - Main Section - Conclusions and Recommendations - References.

Do not include References in the word count.

Your paper should have a clear structure, with:

- a cover page (student number, module title, assignment title, word count (effective, not max), declaration of originality
- an abstract (300 words max, one single paragraph)
- a table of contents
- the main body of the paper - you have full creative control over the structure, but do use section headings to signpost your work
- references list -

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Reference no: EM13844840

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