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This assessment is intended to evaluate the student's capability in utilising hardware and design software for microcontroller unit (MCU) and writing a main program and other routines to ope the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Ground Station (UAVGS).

You have been requested by your Senior Engineer to write the control program (the main program and other routines as required) to operate the UAV Ground Station (UAVGS) to meet the functional requirements listed below; and to prepare a report documenting your solution.

The client intends to use the UAV for an agricultural crop monitoring application which requires the UAV to fly over a field, through a series of x,y co-ordinates, taking photographs of the crop at one second intervals. The role of the control program is to send commands to the UAV to control its flight.

The commands are generated by either manual input (Eg. using the joystick) or automatically by the program.

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Reference no: EM13735999

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