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The Super Discount store (open 24 hours a day, every day) sells 8-packs of paper towels, at the rate of approximately 420 packs per week. Because the towels are so bulky, the annual cost to carry them in inventory is estimated at $.50. The cost to place an order for more is $20 and it takes four days for an order to arrive. (I actually need this problem done by 1:30 if you could help)

Find the optimal order quantity.

Reference no: EM13215363

Complain about poor service

Write a letter to a company to complain about poor service you received from them during the recent past. The complaint letter must be based on your actual experience.The lett

Identify the most important stakeholders

Please identify the most important stakeholders (those vitally impacted and/or concerned with the success of your influence attempts) of your influence, or leadership attempts

What is the best bidding decision

An information system consultant is bidding on a project that involves some un- certainty. Based on past experience, if all went well (probability 0.1), the project would cost

What factors might affect such enforcement decisions

Cases in Context Dr. Krizek contend throughout the litigation that he was a victim of “a blatant injustice” perpetrated against a dedicated foreign-born practitioner, motivate

Choose a fortune 1000 company to demonstrate

Discuss how you can use VCA, RBV, and SWOT analyses to gain a stronger sense of what might be a firm's key building blocks are for a successful strategy.Choose a Fortune 1000

Define direct intervention to change the value of a currency

Diirect Intervention. How can a central bank use direct intervention to change the value of a currency. Explain why a central bank may desire to smooth exchange rate movemen

Research large independent health system

Use the Internet to research a large independent health system within the U.S. that utilizes a combination of centralized and decentralized leadership operational approaches (

Using standardized interviews or employment tests

Analyze two ethical and legal considerations in using standardized interviews or employment tests that assess aptitude, attitude, honesty, and personality during the selection


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