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You are a member of a group who have been asked by the Dean of the Kent Institute of Business and Technology to investigate and report on the establishment of a canteen on the campus for the students.

In your interview with the Dean he indicated that he was concerned that students be able to access good quality nutritious food at a reasonable price. The canteen would be run by a private service provider and consequently would need to be profitable.

The Dean suggested that some of the possible areas for investigation include:-

Likelihood that students would use the canteen services

Hours of operation

Menu/cuisine to be offered

Indicative pricing for food and drink.

Alternatives to an on campus canteen

He does not believe that this list is exhaustive and would like you to identify any other issues which affect the decision of whether to establish the canteen and its successful operation.

Evaluate the information received in the survey (Please assume a questionnaire survey was conducted from university students about the issue), identify alternative courses of action and make recommendations in a formal report.

This report should follow the format detailed in Chapter 20 of Dwyer J., 5 Ed, Communication for Business and the Professions, Strategies and Skills, Pearson Australia 2013.

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