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You are a strategic analyst for a large consulting firm and specialise in the analysis of Australian companies. You have been asked by your manager to write a report analysing an Australian company's underlying strategy that has resulted in it moving some of its activities offshore with the loss of a number of local jobs.

Note: You are able to choose any Australian company.

In your analysis you are required to:

• Evaluate the external issues that are affecting the company and have driven it to employ a strategy that has resulted in moving jobs offshore.

• Analyse the internal issues that are making the company consider moving jobs offshore as part of its strategy.

• Identify the stakeholders in this company and discuss how the shift of offshore activities will affect these stakeholders.

• Explain why a number of jobs will continue to be based in Australia.

• Discuss whether there are particular types of jobs that are suitable for relocation offshore.

• Discuss whether the company can decide against moving jobs offshore. What are the strategic implications?

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Reference no: EM13707138

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