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Question: CVS Health is the company name.

Competencies: • Evaluate strategies behind website pages ranking in organic search results and their impact on ecommerce.

• Critique the technical search engine optimization elements of a web page.

• Describe techniques, types, and distribution methods of content marketing and how they fit into ecommerce.

• Select keyword targets via a keyword research tool.

• Create a long form "list post" focused on keyword research.

• Appraise effective search engine optimization and content using analytics.

Scenario: You have just gotten a new job in the marketing department for a good-sized nonprofit. You are excited about working here. Not only will you be working, but you will be helping people too! It is a perfect combination for you.

After the first week on the job, you realize that the digital marketing and SEO is barely managed for the organization. You had understood, in theory, how hard it could be for nonprofits to prioritize spending, but now you see it. Everyone in the office is really devoted to the nonprofit, but they don't have any digital marketing experience. The person running the marketing for the organization is "old-school print advertising." The organization has a website and sends out some email, but there is very little coordination.

You approach the head of the department and ask if you could work-up a presentation. You are planning to show it to the department and assuming they are okay with your plan, you will take it to the board to ask for some funding to implement the plan. You are given a half-hearted approval. They agree it needs to be done, but it seems like there are more urgent issues to deal with. You will need to get the work you were hired to do done each day, before you can work on this.

Instructions: Select a local nonprofit organization that has a website. This can be in any location but select a nonprofit that is not managing multi-state locations.

Create a PowerPoint presentation of 8 - 14 slides (not counting the cover slide or reference slide) that is informative, engaging with thorough speaking notes. Consider this something you would be presenting in a group setting. The speaking notes should be written in complete sentences. Avoid text heavy slides.

The presentation should include:

1. A cover slide with the organization's name. Speaking notes on the organization should be included.

2. A brief overview of why SEO is important to nonprofits.

3. Explanation of Google Algorithms and the impact they have.

4. Review how the organization collects donations. Make a specific recommendation for increasing donations via a digital method.

5. Identify a Public Relations opportunity for the organization. Detail how it could be developed.

6. Introduce the concept of web content adding value to the nonprofit. Discuss how content can be developed in-house or come from other sources.

7. Discuss the concept of persona and target donor.

8. Review how content will engage the target donor and maintain interest in the organization.

9. Identify two nonprofits that maintain blogs. Briefly review the blogs and identify how they are engaging or failing. The purpose here is to identify opportunity for the organization.

10. Explain what a list post is and the potential value. Provide a sample list post that could be created.

11. Close with a summation of immediate steps you recommend.

12. Include thorough speaking notes for each slide.

13. Include a reference slide (if needed) at the end for sources used in APA format.

Reference no: EM132185005

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