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Discussion questions on computer security engineering Maximum words is 500 for each discussion.

Tthere are 2 discussion questions each 500 words with at least 3 references using the Harvard style referencing.

Please find attached for 2 discussion questions, and I have also added lecture notes to aid the tutor in answering the questions.

DQ1 Preventing unauthorised use


Nuclear weapons need a rigorous control that prevents unauthorised use, and yet, one which still allows for their intended use. What techniques are available to achieve such controls? Bellovin (2009) explores this question. For this Discussion, you will research the technical aspects of preventing unauthorised deployment of nuclear weapons.


Bellovin, S. (2009) Permissive action links [Online]. [updated January, 2015]Available from: http://www.cs.columbia.edu/~smb/nsam-160/pal.html (Accessed: 20 June 2015))

Post: Summarise the work of Bellovin and list techniques to prevent the unauthorised deployment of nuclear weapons. Based on this summary, evaluate the potential effectiveness of permissive action link (PAL) for this purpose. Discuss one or two technical aspects in particular.

DQ 2 Trust computation in computer systems

Trusted Computing Group (TCG) has developed the Trusted Computing Platform Architecture (TCPA). Programmers consider it to be a trusted computing base (TCB) development for distributed systems connected over a network. It actually provides a foundation for building and managing controlled secure environments for running applications and processing (protected) content. For this Discussion, you will review one of the articles in the UoL library that addresses trust computation in computer systems.

To complete this Discussion:

Post: Select and summarise an article from the University of Liverpool online library that addresses trust computation in computer systems. Analyse how trust is used in controlling access to resources. Evaluate the proposed solution used in emergent environments such as BYOD, cloud and pervasive environments.

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Reference no: EM13880265

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