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360-Degree Assessments

The 360-degree assessment is a multirater performance review tool that is used by organizations to capture a comprehensive picture of an individual employee's standing and accomplishments. The detailed, full-circle snapshot that this tool provides is often used to identify internal successors within organizations. While there is extensive information available on 360-degree performance reviews, many experts offer conflicting-but nonetheless compelling-opinions about this form of assessment.

Some studies and real-world scenarios support the use of 360-degree performance reviews because they can help simplify the process of identifying high-potential employees. They can also be used to accurately and objectively compare internal candidates to determine the best option for succession. However, other analyses and accounts of 360-degree assessments indicate underwhelming or even negative outcomes. Some organizations may use 360-degree assessments inappropriately, especially if they are completed by individuals who do not have intimate knowledge of the employees being evaluated. In light of the ambivalent information regarding 360-degree assessments, many business leaders and HR professionals are asking themselves the question, "Will my organization benefit from using this tool?"

In this week's Assignment, appraise the use of 360-degree assessments for succession planning processes, especially with regard to developing internal candidates for succession. To complete this Assignment, first review the article titled "360-Degree Feedback: Leadership Intelligence® Report," found in this week's Learning Resources, to examine an exemplary use of 360-degree assessments. Then conduct your own research in the Walden Library or other high-profile online journals such as Human Resource Executive Online, found at http://www.hreonline.com/HRE/index.jsp, to further explore how 360-degree assessments can help or hinder the succession planning process. Finally, use the scenario below to propose solutions to implementing a performance review system in the organization that you selected for your Course Project.


Great news! The organization that you chose for your project is onboard with your company-wide succession plan. In addition, they found your communication plan to be a motivational and effective method to educate the organization about the benefits of succession planning. After seeing such successful results, the board of directors would like you to propose a new framework for the process of performance evaluations. They believe that internal performance profiling and grooming could be the best way to increase the sustainability and competitive advantage of the organization. As such, they have asked you to investigate the use of 360-degree assessments. Specifically, they would like you to determine whether or not their use can contribute to the company succession planning process.

To complete this Assignment, respond to the following in a 6 to 7 page paper:

•Analyze the use of 360-degree assessments in succession plans. ?Describe two ways 360-degree assessments can contribute to the succession planning process, and two ways they can be ineffective.

?Identify candidates for 360-degree assessments. For example, should every employee receive a 360-degree assessment or should it be conducted only on high-potential or senior-level employees?

?Describe how providing feedback to employees from a 360-degree assessment can be streamlined to benefit the organization.

?Explain at least two negative consequences that can result from failing to give feedback following a 360-degree assessment.

•Evaluate performance review implementation options. ?In your chosen organization, which would be more effective to implement-a multirater system or a one-supervisor rating system?

?Justify your solution by including how your choice would be more effective in achieving the goals of your succession plan. In addition, explain what makes the opposing approach not as effective within your organization.

?Specifically cite the predicted benefits and negative consequences of your decision.

Note: Your Assignment must include three new references to support your writing.

Reference no: EM131132127

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