Evaluate evidence that would specify the existence

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Task 1

Evaluate evidence that would specify the existence of a risk or risks

Analyse the implications of the risk and the effect on life, property and activities

Obtain and use accurate information on the risk for protection of others

Produce a report on how best to minimise the risk to people, property and activities and recommend effective methods of implementation and control

Identify routes and methods of implementation within a company to ensure that compliance with codes of practice and regulations pertaining to the risk are fully understood

a) Design a booklet on the management of H&S and risk assessment which can be used within the college or your choice of a relevant place of work within an engineering context which provides the following information:

- Evidence of the risks present within the selected scenario. Evaluate why these risks are present
- Implications of the risk and how it would affect life, property and day-to-day activities
- Staff/ employee training which might be required, and how and when the process should be reviewed. The importance of training for protection of individuals.
- Ways that staff or employees can minimise risk and explain effective methods of controlling the severity of risks present.
- Compliance with codes of practice and regulations pertaining to risks within the company

Task 2

You will also need to explain how the risk analysis can be developed into an action plan for the workplace and suggest how this can be implemented, including any staff training which might be required, and how and when the process should be reviewed.

Using different sources of safety / accident data, explain how the data can be used to identify hazards and analyse the risks.

b) Deliver a presentation which outlines the strategy of how you developed your booklet including information about how you have adapted information relevant to the working environment you have selected. A full understanding of the business impact of recommendations and consideration of differing roles and responsibilities in content will determine D3.

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Reference no: EM13670145

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