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1.What kind of data would you like to use for effective Port Traffic Forecasting?

2.What would you recommend to reduce Port Congestion in the Short and in the Long term?

3.Discuss the alternative solutions that you would like to propose to solve capacity shortage problem at ports?

4.Discuss the processes in Strategic Implementation Process in Port Planning

5.How can you evaluate the factors which effects the general trends of Port Traffic based on time cyclicity?

6.How would you evaluate the importance of Yard planning in improving Port Performance?

7.Evaluate a Container Terminal at DP World with the data below (after research).

Containers / Gang Hour         


Average Number of Gangs per Ship


Worked Time / Service Time


Maximum Berth Occupancy Ration


After calculating the Annual Maximum Berth Capacity the conclusion is that this is not sufficient. The Port Manager provides a couple of solutions:

Improve processes so the Worked Time / Service Time Ratio increases

Increase Number of available Gangs to increase the handling ratio per gang/hour

Buy new equipment, that will improve the Containers/Gang Hours from 20 to 40 (for example new Quay Cranes).

b) Choose 1 and defend your preference

Learning Outcomes: Upon completing this task, students should be able to:

Evaluate the criticality of Yard Planning in improving Port Performance

Formulate solutions to overcome Port Congestion problems

Formulate solutions to solve Port Capacity shortage problems

Appraise the strategic implementation process

Select the data needed to develop effective Port Traffic Forecasts

Evaluate the factors effecting general Port Traffic trends

Recommend solutions to Berth Capacity problems

Develop critical thinking, research and discussion skills in self and group work

Learning Opportunities: Self-directed learning, working in a group, to make the appropriate connections, communicate ideas and opinions in writing, be able to apply theory to practice in familiar and unfamiliar situations, interpreting ideas, respecting other's ideas.

-Prepare a brief report (Min 5 pages) by answering below questions to be submitted for the next week class

-Maximum two student are allowed to prepare the report. Reports presented by three or more students will be not accepted and resulted by zero

-Paragraph copying from internet resources, articles or books without referencing will be checked by turnitin system and result by zero

-Copying materials from other groups/students will be the resulted by zero, for the ones who were sharing and copying

-Reference list should be added to the report

Reference no: EM131326441

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