Ethical dilemma-discuss the pros and cons

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Ethical Dilemma

When a McDonnell Douglas DC-10 crashed over Iowa, a subsequent investigation suggested that the plane’s hydraulic systems did not provide enough protection. The DC-10 had three separate hydraulic systems, all of which failed when an engine exploded. The engine threw off shreds of metal that severed two of the lines, and the third line required power from the demolished engine that was no longer available. The DC-10, unlike other commercial jets, had no shutoff valves that might have stemmed the flow of hydraulic fluid. Lockheed’s similar L-1011 tri-jet had four hydraulic systems. A McDonnell Douglas VP said at the time. “You can always be extreme and not have a practical airplane. You can be perfectly safe and never get off the ground.”

a) Discuss the pros and cons of McDonnell’s position as expressed by the VP.

b) What strategy would you have recommended McDonnell Douglas follow to address the failure? Why?

Reference no: EM13324362

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