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A manufacturing company has a small production line dedicated to the production of a particular product. The line has four stations in serial. Inputs arrive at station 1 and the output from station 1 becomes the input to station 2. The output from station 2 is the input to station 3 and so on. The output from station 4 is the fi nished product. Station 1 can process 2,700 units per month, station 2 can process 2,500/month, station 3 can process 2,300/month, and station 4 can process 2,100/month. What station sets the maximum possible output from this system? What is that maximum output number?

Reference no: EM13101883

Discuss how the process of variation selection and retention

How do you feel about the prospect of becoming a manager and having to manage a set of relationships with other companies rather than just managing your own company? Discuss. 

Identify the leadership styles of the teacher

In the movie Stand and Deliver. a. identify the leadership styles of the teacher, the department head, and the principal. b. Discuss why each consensus style seems to work or

How tools such as master scheduling-MRP and DRP

Explain in your own words how tools such as master scheduling, MRP, and DRP can be used to coordinate activity up and down a supply chain. For example, what information might

What is the theoretical minimum of workstations

A company is trying to balance production between 3 workstations on an assembly line. Currently there are 5 tasks that need to be performed. These tasks, ABCDE, have required

Elucidate what can you adviceto gain some points

Between the 2 which one if you were opening your own business do you think which you would use also why. Ellucidate what can you advice me for this question to gain some poi

Competitors seem to be having financial performance problems

How do the five competitive forces in Porter’s model affect the average profitability of the industry? For example, in what way might weak forces increase industry profits, an

Retrain the current number of employees

As an administrator, you need to assess this situation: How would you determine if there was a true need for another receptionist? Do you need to reinstate the position or can

How much must setup time decline in order for the lot size

How much must setup time decline in order for the lot size to fall to 50 units? 25 units? 10 units? Explain how you determined the declines in setup time you calculated.


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