Estimating activity time is not an easy task

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Estimating activity time is not an easy task, especially if assumptions must be made. State whether each item identified below can be accounted for in the construction of a PERT/CPM network: a. Consideration of weather conditions b. Consideration of weekend activities c. Unleveled manpower requirements d. Checking of resource allocations e. Variable crew size f. Splitting (or interrupting) of activities g. Assignment of unused resources h. Accounting for project priorities

Reference no: EM131080836

Summarize the advantages and disadvantages of transportation

Think about the criteria a transportation manager might use when making strategic transportation decisions. In a PowerPoint presentation summarize the advantages and disadva

Determine the maximum number of any type of device produced

Assume four row vectors named Prod10, Prod11, Prod12, and Prod13 contain data on production of various electronic devices at your company during the four years 2010, 2011, 201

What is average inventory carrying-holding cost for brakes

Best Bikes produces bicycles and buys brakes from a supplier in Japan. The brake set for one bicycle costs $125, and it is $35 to process the order with the supplier. What is

Construct a net material requirements plan

In addition to 90 units of S, there is also demand for 30 units of U, which is a component of S. The 30 units of U are needed for maintenance purposes. These units are neede

What is the average defection rate for grocery store shopper

What is the average defection rate for grocery store shoppers in a local area of a large city if customers spend $60 per visit, customers shop 52 weeks per year, the grocery

Discuss the pros and cons of manufacturing products

Discuss the pros and cons of manufacturing products in the cheapest labor market. Is this an ethical practice? Provide information from at least one good source to support you

Why diversity is important to organization success

Investigate two to three (2-3) reasons why diversity is important to an organization’s success. Speculate on the major potential ramifications to an organization if said organ

How cost per unit change for retailer by supply chain change

An online retailer of a single product has four major markets in the four "corners" (North-East, South-East, North-West and South-West) of a country. Assume that daily demand


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