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You have been hired as a marketing troubleshooter for a previously prosperous hotel in the center of Paris, the Jardin de Villiers. The hotel has been suffering a decline in guest registrations and revenues for several years. You have examine the books and property and concluded that the location of the establishments not the problem and the opportunity for a successful business enterprise is still there. The problem is the marketing, which begins with a clear definition of customer segment and an appropriate differentiation, followed by artful positioning to support price strategy. Study the website promotion of Jardin de Villiers. In terms of positioning this market offering, where do you think the problem/chalenges lies? What image does the marketing mix seem to project? How would you position the hotel? Get beyond clean sheets and free continental breakfast. Conduct a brief internet research on the competition. Then pose a tentative direction for your positioning strategy. Make a lis of emotive and affective qualities, and tease potential guests with potential surprises just over the rainbow, the rainbow they can't express. Express it for them. Propose a unique mental image for the hotel. Estimate a tentative cost for your plan.

Reference no: EM13989698

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