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Outline your establishment's core business activities . If you're not currently employed, list the core business activities most relevant  to the product  or service you've chosen to promote from your training environment.

Define the establshment customer base.If you're not currently employed, define customer base most relevant to the product or service you've chosen  to promote from your training environment.

Describe the establishment's value and current business direction.If you're not cuorrently employed list the values and direction most relevant to your training environment and the product or service you've chosen to promote.

Reference no: EM13940653

Prepare a situation analysis for the organisation

Your task is to prepare a Situation Analysis for the organisation you are currently working in or, if you are not currently working, an organisation with which you are famil

How the strategies support overall corporate business

Explain how the strategies support overall corporate business and marketing strategies to increase competitive market advantage and identify essential resources required to ex

Web site well-maintained and current

These steps constitute the research process. You can apply your research skills not only in the classroom but in the workplace and in your personal life, too. Being able to

Selecting a specific discipline as a career

Recall an important decision (for example, selecting a specific discipline as a career) that you took and describe the same in terms of the steps you followed and the factor

Present and analyze the organization chart of your division

You are the Rooms division manager of a 250 rooms 5 star resort. It is located at a scenic and popular resort town on the South Island of New Zealand. Present and analyze t

Identify the marketing vehicles you plan

Analyze the types of consumers who will be drinking your beverage in demographic terms (i.e., age, education level, income, gender, ethnic group, etc.) - Identify the market

Discuss how management has changed

Discuss how management has changed with respect to both of the topics you selected. Use real world examples to address the areas like Globalization and outside environment

What is the make-or-buy decision

What is The "Make-or-Buy" Decision? And why it is important decision for companies to make - why a company should not outsourced its core element within a product? What other


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