Establish and maintain a whs management system

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Establish and maintain WHSmanagement systems

Demonstrate the skills and knowledge required to establish and maintain a WHS management system.

Referring to the simulated business and scenario information provided in the Appendices of this task, you will plan and develop a WHS management system to assist the organisation to comply with WHS legislation. You will identify and use sources of expert advice to plan your system. You will gather a portfolio of evidence to collect samples of documentation to support the WHS management system. You will then prepare a report outlining and explaining the system, duty holders, resources, and approval required.

1. Review the Australian Hardware scenario in Appendix 1.

2. Review the Australian Hardware simulated business information in the Appendices.
Note:Detailed information on Australian Hardware, including operational policies and procedures, risk management, and financials may be accessed at:
a. ‘Australian Hardware', IBSA, viewed March 2013, <>.

3. Research WHS management systems (WHSMS) to determine the features for an appropriate WHS management system to propose for Australian Hardware. Consider:
a. which policies and procedures to include
b. what adaptation and amendments may be required to existing policies and procedures
c. the roles, responsibilities and accountabilities required
d. which human, physical and financial resources are required (estimate costs over first year of implementation). See table below for costs.

4. Amend the Wollongong Store WHS policy to apply nationally.

5. Develop a report on the proposed WHSMS. Include:
a. description of the features of the proposed WHSMS, including policies
b. explanation of how the proposed WHSMS meets legislative requirements, including description of duty holders (PCBU, officers, workers, etc.)
c. explanation of how the proposed WHSMS meets organisational requirements and integrates with organisational needs.

6. Submit all required documentation to your assessor as per specifications below. Keep copies for your records.

You must provide:

? aone- to two-page report on your proposed WHS management system
? a portfolio of evidence, including:
? an amended WHS policy to apply nationally
? an outline of resources and costs for the system, which includes the name of the designated person for approval.
Your assessor will be looking for evidence of:
? knowledge of relevant WHS Acts, regulations and codes of practice that apply to WHS risk management and recordkeeping in the context of the simulated business and scenario
? literacy skills to adapt and communicate WHS policies that reflect WHS legislative requirements
? information technology skills to, for example, source simulated business informationand use wordprocessing software to adapt existing policies.

You are a WHS consultant. You have been contracted by Australian Hardware to research and propose a WHS management system for the organisation.

Australian Hardware has expanded rapidly to include 138 warehouse stores nationally. Unfortunately, one of the possible results of this rapid expansion is a lack of a national, consistent approach to WHS compliance.

The company does take seriously its legal and ethical obligations to provide a safe workplace; however, safety standards may be slipping. According to incomplete Australian Hardware records, last year, the Lost Time to Injury Frequency Rate (LTIFR) was 13.9. The current industry benchmark 10.1 .

Areas and types of injuries of particular concern include:
? manual lifting of outdoor furniture and hardware goods in warehouses and in customer service areas
? hazardous materials handling by forklift drivers, drivers and customer service staff.
In addition, a lack of systematic WHS recordkeeping has meant the organisation cannot be entirely sure of health and safety performance, nor can it be sure of WHS compliance.
The main needs of Australian Hardware with respect to the proposed WHS management system are:
? legal compliance across jurisdictions
? the safest possible workplace conditions for workers (objective: bring LTIFR and Injury Rate (IR) to 10% below national averages)
? integration with all other Australian Hardware management systems, operations and corporate culture
? to advertise and demonstrate Australian Hardware's commitment to WHS.

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Reference no: EM13735333

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