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Be sure to document any sources and include works cited page. The paper should be about 4-5 double-spaced, typed pages and should conform to MLA. You can use the first person “I” in writing the paper. The paper should include some commentary or discussion about the topic’s importance to you. I need to have a clear sense of why you chose this particular topic and the significance it holds for you.

I grade for content and mechanics (spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc.). I also grade for how well and how thoughtfully you discuss your topic.

Write an essay on some aspect of Southern culture or literature that has particular interest for you, giving your perspective on such things as food, family, customs, manners, music, religion, racial issues, language, or relationship and gender issues in Southern culture. Limit your focus and go in-depth with your discussion. If possible, discuss the impact on shaping the individual. Use good description, examples, explanations, etc. in developing your topic. You can relate your own experiences

Reference no: EM132188942

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