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1. Role playing (particularly role reversal) is an especially effective technique for creating _____.

A) procedural knowledge

B) attitude change

C) skill automaticity

D) strategic knowledge

E) process knowledge

2. Acme Corporation has identified several new market opportunities but has limited funds to invest and therefore cannot pursue them all. Which function of market research will it conduct to identify the most promising opportunities?


Decision making

Problem solving

Performance monitoring


3. Marketing research firms that collect certain information on a regular basis, which they then sell to interested clients, are involved in what kind of research?






Reference no: EM132183772

Market for performance-based yoga and fitness apparel

How strong are the competitive forces confronting lululemon in the market for performance-based yoga and fitness apparel? Use a five-forces analysis to support your answer? Wh

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Although vendors describe the cloud as a cost-effective solution to increase IT capabilities, critics describe it as marketing hype. The implementation of cloud computing to r

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Identify a country your business would want to do business. Identify potential barriers to trade between the United States and the selected country. (IE: think in terms of cur

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Define music/arts as it relates to today's contemporary themes leisure. For example, does your art define leisure as free time, recreational activity or attitude or some combi

Elucidate how can janet plan for also avoid these risks

Elucidate how can Janet plan for also avoid these risks. Does likelihood of these risks affect Janet's actions. Elucidate how.

Reflected in the manager decision-making process

Even good managers will make mistakes that are caused by bias. Bias is a partial perspective that clouds good judgment. Describe a situation that is public knowledge where bia

Using process flow analysis

Using process flow analysis, Describe the similarities and differences between an intermittent operation and a repetitive operation process and indicate how each would be sele

Examples of unethical behaviors

What are some key examples of unethical behaviors that we have seen occur in companies in recent years (beyond the Enron scandal)? Some argue that the long-term success of a c


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