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1. Role playing (particularly role reversal) is an especially effective technique for creating _____.

A) procedural knowledge

B) attitude change

C) skill automaticity

D) strategic knowledge

E) process knowledge

2. Acme Corporation has identified several new market opportunities but has limited funds to invest and therefore cannot pursue them all. Which function of market research will it conduct to identify the most promising opportunities?


Decision making

Problem solving

Performance monitoring


3. Marketing research firms that collect certain information on a regular basis, which they then sell to interested clients, are involved in what kind of research?






Reference no: EM132183772

Negotiate a solution between these two stakeholders

If you had two stakeholders that were adamantly opposed to the solution you had identified, discuss how you might facilitate and negotiate a solution between these two stakeho

Business process re-engineering to operational excellence

Which of the following is the best example of business process re-engineering to attain operational excellence? Explain your selection. Acer Phones uses advanced statistical m

Highly formalized organizations often have-marketing audit

Which of the following is true of the rate-of-trial method of measuring the success of a new product? Highly formalized organizations often have: Which of the following is tru

During an economic recession

Discussion #1: During an economic recession, discuss how management's or a union's bargaining power might be affected. Give an appropriate business example to illustrate wha

Managing in the new millennium. supervision

In today's turbulent environment, people need to bring their A game in all they do more than ever before. The days of feeling entitled to that job - or that high salary - are

Deriving duration estimates for project activities

A large manufacturing company is embarking on a project to replace a system that tracks travel expenses within the organization. The current system used is old and outdated. A

Data is an important component in capacity planning

“Would you agree that data is an important component in capacity planning? Why or why not? What do you feel is the role of data in a business, in regards to capacity planning,

Creates high morale and interest in upward mobility

As Manager of Staffing for your organization (or a former employer), you are responsible for filling open positions by seeking highly qualified candidates. Once you have exhau


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