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Scenario: Dynamic Health System has implemented the Epic Electronic Health Record and the integrated patient portal. The portal is branded as "myDynamic Health" and is used for basic functions such as: prescription refills, self-scheduling, reporting results, and referrals. Dynamic primary care doctors want to begin to offer electronic care (virtual) visits online for non-urgent illness to compete with the growing number of stand-alone urgent care centers and pharmacy urgent care clinics in their area. The physicians have read literature from other sites in the U.S. where eVisits are conducted on existing patients and paid for by private insurance and self-pay patients. They are anxious to get started and are looking toward a newly formed committee of top administrators at Dynamic and some external stakeholders to formulate a plan.

Using Dynamic Health System as a scenario, respond to the proposed idea of Dynamic deploying online primary care visits.

Reference no: EM131250566

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