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Conflict exercise

Develop an appropriate response that includes Christian behavior and resolution to the issue for each hypothetical scenario below. Ensure that you analyze the possible outcomes of poor versus good netiquette.

Scenario #1
Environment: School Email between Team Members
Context: You were accidentally included in an email between two of your team members.
What Happened: [Referring to you], the email states that "She is definitely not pulling her weight on this project."
HINT: It may hurt, but it should hurt worse that they have not let you know they have a problem with your contributions. Team members need to be transparent with each other.

Scenario #2
Environment: School Chat Forum
Context: You are in a social discussion thread within your online course and are chatting.
What Happened: A colleague, unaware of your race, either inadvertently or blatantly makes a negative statement about your race.
HINT: Do not assume the worst in others. Feel free to discuss, but it is important to provide the benefit of the doubt.

Scenario #3
Environment: Team Meeting
Context: Everybody is reviewing contributions from team members.
What Happened: Your team is critical of your approach and you feel de-humanized.
HINT: Be honest without being defensive.


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