Encumbrances of title include

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1. The enlarged ownership interest of a surviving joint tenant is documented by recording an affidavit signed by _______________, declaring the death of the joint tenant.

a) the surviving joint tenant

b) the deceased tenant's attorney

c) the deceased tenant's executor

d) Any of the above.

2. Encumbrances of title include:

a) covenants restricting use.

b) liens.

c) general and special taxes.

d) Any of the above.

3. A preliminary title report (prelim) is:

a) a representation of the condition of title.

b) an offer to issue a title insurance policy.

c) can be relied on by a buyer like an abstract of title.

d) All of the above.

4. The California Land Title Association (CLTA) standard policy is purchased solely by:

a) buyers, carryback sellers and private lenders.

b) institutional lenders and builders.

c) buyers of one-to-four residential unit property.

d) buyers of commercial property.

5. An escrow officer ___________ of any suspicious fact or circumstances detected by the officer before close of escrow.

a) has no obligation to notify the parties

b) has no obligation, unless the fact affects closing, to notify the parties

c) has a duty to notify the buyer and seller

d) has a duty to notify the seller's agent

Reference no: EM132183724

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