Encounter forms and aging reports
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Write a 700- to 1,050-word essay based on this described model that explains claims processing and the efficiency of using reports. Address the following in your essay: Title of the paper is "Encounter Forms and Aging Reports"

- Describe the purpose of the encounter form (also known as the superbill).

- What impact does managing claims according to this model have on the financial health of the practice?

- Do you believe "working your aging" is a task worth the time it takes? Why or why not?

- What are some reasons an office may decide not to make this a routine part of their process? Are there ramifications to this? Explain.

Cite your sources according to APA format.


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These are the most important criteria for the implementation of a successful organization. These help in making available a large number of errors that can be rectified with the help of different techniques and needs of the people. The reporting purpose is generally meant for the disclosure of all the financial reports that are in compliance with all the legal and statutory requirements of the entity. The practicing report with the usage of the accounts receivable and the ,best care that is made available to the patients in order to develop and meet the basic requirements of the people. The proper disclosures of reports enables all the shareholders and the managers to get a brief idea about all the activities going on in a enterprise,. The medical Health Organization, HCIS has to be correctly depicted and it helps in saving the time and in capturing all the ideas and material facts for the development of ideas and knowledge of the enterprise.

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