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In a recent research study at Ohio State University, a professor found that even honest people, left to their own devices, will steal from their employers. In this study, the researchers gave financial services workers the opportunity to steal a small amount of money after participating in an after-work project for which the pay was inadequate. Would the employees steal to make up for the underpayment? In most cases, yes. Employees who scored low on an honesty test stole whether or not their office had an ethics program that said stealing from the company was illegal. Employees who scored high on the honesty test also stole, but only if their office did not have such an employee ethics program. The "honest" people didn't steal if there was an ethics policy.

Do you think findings like these can be generalized? In other words, would they apply across the board to employees in other types of companies and situations? If your answer is yes, what do you think this implies about the need for and wisdom of having an ethics program? Provide reasons for your response.

Reference no: EM1325993

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