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Choose one of the poems from your readings: "Poetry for Further Reading" and compose a written explication of that poem. The poem you select must be sophisticated enough to sustain a detailed analysis. You may choose a poem by the same poet you discussed in the Module 5 Discussion Board who comes from a different culture than your own.

  • Your explication should be 3-4 pages.
  • It should analyze one or more of the poem's elements (see readings from chapters 27 and 28 for specific elements). 
  • Your explication is not a summary of what the poem is about. Nor are you expected to unravel the poem's "meaning."  Rather, you are explaining how the poet used a particular poetic element, and you are analyzing how that element affects the rest of the poem.

When writing your explication:

  • Choose a poem that is sophisticated enough to sustain a detailed analysis.
  • Include a thesis statement that states the element you are analyzing and why.
  • Follow a systematic writing pattern by analyzing the element on which you are focusing line by line or stanza by stanza.
  • Provide textual examples (words, phrases, and lines) from the poem to illustrate your analytical statements


Reference no: EM13835447

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