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You are to consider the programming and objects required to build a simple engineering application. The intended application will require a GUI (Graphical User Interface) that will aid prospective engineers of Mechanical or Electrical engineering disciplines. The following tasks require you to consider and design an application that allows an engineer to perform a common calculation or set of conversions pertinent to their discipline in either Mechanical or Electrical Engineering.


• You are to choose a common calculation or set of conversions from either discipline (Mechanical or Electrical) and discuss how the intended application will aid in solving the calculation or conversions.

• The application will allow the user to clear results and perform the calculation multiple times until the user specifies they have concluded their calculation(s). Therefore, you are to discuss the means by which your Visual Basic program will allow such.

• Discuss and justify a means of representing the results of the calculations via an appropriate medium/object within the application.

• Provide appropriately detailed GUI designs (layout of the interface/form(s)) within your report that detail the objects that enable the function of your application to achieve the intended goal. These must utilise naming conventions conducive with those used throughout the taught module and include any required property changes.

• Evaluate the overall design of the application and draw appropriate conclusions as to the effectiveness of the design and proposed program.

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Reference no: EM13652354

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