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Using Ford Motor Company: • Analyzing the effectiveness of the core or mainline operations of the firm to create and deliver products and services. • Identifying inconsistencies between the organizational design of the firm and its business strategy. • Analyze Ford's key resources and core capabilities. Identify the functional areas of the firm's organization or the activities in the value chain where the key resources and core capabilities reside (see Classifying Capabilities in Chapter 3). Are core or distinctive resources and capabilities structured and supported in a manner that aligns with the competitive advantage? What opportunities do you see to exploit the key capabilities of your project firm? Are there internal weakness that should concern the firm?

Reference no: EM131126721

Motivate employee behavior toward organizational objectives

Explain what Internal Alignment is and how it can support business strategy, work flow and motivate employee behavior toward organizational objectives. In your current (or a f

Discuss the structure of the long-term care industry

Discuss the structure of the long-term care industry. Identification and discussion of entrance barriers. Discussion of quality performance measures and outcomes.

Foreign markets and competitive advantage possibilities

Summarize Proctor & Gamble operations in foreign markets and competitive advantage possibilities. Describe which method(s) has been used to enter foreign markets. How has P&G

What is the optimal order quantity

Guy's BBQ Grille in Saskatoon serves 5,000 steaks per year. The steaks are kept in a freezer. The holding cost for each steak is $1.50. The cost to place an order is $45. T

Should public safety ever trump private security

In your initial post, cover the events behind the San Bernadine terror attack (as it has been designated by our government) which lead up to the request by the FBI, to Apple,

Summarize the relevant background information from the case

Summarize the relevant background information from the case. Identify the business problem or challenge that the organization faces. Comment on the appropriateness of the acti

Using face-to-face as a channel of communication

Briefly provide an example of a business situation where you will use face-to-face negotiation. What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of using face-to-face as a ch

Achieve superior results and to create competitive advantage

Select a company with which you are familiar. Discuss how you think it uses a balanced scorecard or other strategic focus to achieve superior results and to create a competiti


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