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Many popular websites require that your computer accept 'cookies" in order to run properly. These cookies often collect data which the website can use to target ads or sell to other ad suppliers. It is sort of like having to show your ID every time you shop at a store.

In your opinion: a) is this an unreasonable intrusion into consumer privacy,

b) is this an effective way to gather reliable market data and, c) would people also allow their computer webcam to be turned on when the ad runs to see how the consumer reacts? Please explain your answers.

ASSIGNMENT: EFFECTIVE USE OF OUT-OF-HOME MEDIA Mobile billboards are a form of transit advertising in which large trucks drive around an urban area showing either printed messages or electronic moving visual displays. A ad agency can use dozens or hundreds of ads on these vehicles and schedule routes and times that will maximize impact. Two questions:

a) Do you feel that these traveling ads are a hazard to people as they drive (an unnecessary distraction) and

b) Do you see any problems if we drive these vehicles past schools during the times that students are entering and leaving the buildings. Explain your answers.

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Distractions Galore ..... Facebook, he argued, had a responsibility to help people. ... Related Video: Facebook, Uber, AirBnB: Are These Companies Givers or Takers? .... posts by fictional news outlets because they generated ad revenue. ... and didn't acknowledge that some people would getleft behind.Driving with a dog or any pet can be very dangerous. An uncaged or unharnessed animal can be a constant distraction. Driving with a dog can be very dangerous

Reference no: EM131465873

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