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White Swan Motors’ practice of hiring only applicants recommended by its employees has been found to have an adverse impact on nonwhite applicants. White Swan plans to implement a voluntary affirmative action plan. Which of the following would be an effective practice under the voluntary affirmative action plan? A) Removing qualified whites from their jobs and giving these jobs to minorities regardless of their qualifications B) Hiring an employee simply because he or she belongs to a protected class C) Eliminating unvalidated recruitment practices and selection criteria D) Fixing permanent racial quotas to reduce racial imbalance

Reference no: EM131124426

Discuss the project manager role in managing risk

Discuss the Project Manager's role in managing risk. Hypothesize if a certain expertise is required to adequately identify and assess project risks. For example: When managing

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Describe at least one new role emerging in organizations today as a result of social business. How do companies manage risk? What are the factors that contribute to a high-ris

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Find an example(s) to compare the effectiveness of manager’s using an "ethical" decision making process within their organization and how these systems resulted in various out

What does this mean for a small business owner

What does the text mean when it states that rather than to search for the perfect forecast one should learn to live with inaccurate forecasts? What does this mean for a smal

Proper valve size in inches and centimeters

Find the proper valve size in inches and centimeters for pumping a liquid flow rate of 600 gal/min with a maximum pressure difference of 55 psi. The liquid specific gravity

Identify an example of development project

Can you identify an example of a development project and what type of team you believed they used? Do you think this was the appropriate type of team given the nature of the p

The largest concern of the government trade policy

Whose interests do you think should be the largest concern of the government trade policy: the interests of producers (which includes business and their employees) or the inte

Are you ready to present the policies for your plans

Are you ready to present the policies for your two compliance plans in a way that all employees will understand at a large medical facility where you are the Compliance Offi


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