Education is used as an indicator of a socioeconomic status

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1. Education is often used as an indicator of a person's socioeconomic status. Historically, the number of years of schooling completed has been recorded in the census of population as a measure of education. Comment and support your reasoning.

2. What problems might be involved in attempting to utilize attitude measures to predict specific behavior. Support your answer.

3. A client tells a researcher that she wants a questionnaire that evaluates the importance of 30 product characteristics and to determine how her firm's brand and 10 competing brands rate on these characteristics. The researcher believes that this questionnaire will induce respondent fatigue because it is far too long. Should the researcher do exactly what the client says or risk losing the business by suggesting a different approach? Support your conclusions.

Reference no: EM1393023

Recreational and health-management programs

Manage Your Health, Inc. (MYH) is a Fortune 500 company that provides a variety of healthcare services across the globe. MYH has more than 20,000 full-time employees and more

Trading nations have become increasingly interdependent

What is one factor (per student) that aids in explaining why the world’s trading nations have become increasingly interdependent, from an economic and political viewpoint, dur

What is the economic production? quantity

Race One Motors is an Indonesian car manufacturer. At its largest manufacturing? facility, in? Jakarta, the company produces subcomponents at a rate of 310 per? day, and it us

Optimal project planning under threat of a disruptive event

Review the article "Optimal project planning under the threat of a disruptive event." Based on what you read in Chapter 5 of the PMBOK what do you see as important points that

Organization should be responsible for team development

Ultimately, a manager or supervisor within an organization should be responsible for team development. Inevitably, however, differences among team members will arise. In addit

About his business is this this whole plan thing

From the following quotes, please give your opinion about those sentences whether you agree or disagree and why. you don't need a business plan. you don't need to have MBA. al

Same level of failure rate protection

Suppose a sampling plan designed to screen product lots requires a burn-in done on 300 pieces for 168 hours, with no more than 1 fail allowed for the lot to be accepted. How m

Open several new accounts

You have a customer who has been banking with you for years, and who clearly trusts you. She wants to open several new accounts, so you refer her 2 another person in your bran


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