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1. During a project, Earned Value Analysis is performed and gives the following numbers:

                EV: 523,000; PV: 623,000; AC: 643,000.
                Which results are correct?

                A. CV: +120,000; SV: +100,000
                B. CV: +100,000; SV: +120,000
                C. CV: -100,000; SV: -120,000
                D. CV: -120,000; SV: -100,000

2. You found the following Earned Value Analysis information for a recently closed out project:

                SPI = 0.7, CPI = 1.0

                A. The project has been cancelled while it was executed. At that time the project was behind schedule and on budget.
                B. The project's deliverables have all been finished. The project came in ahead of schedule but on budget.
                C. The project's deliverables have all been finished. The project came in on schedule but over budget.

3. You are assigned as the project manager to a project which had a one-time cost variance in the past caused by unexpected rework which has meanwhile 
                been finished.

                You perform Earned Value Analysis and find the following results:

                EV: 250,000; PV: 200,000; AC 275,000

                BAC is 500,000.

                What is right?

                A. EAC = 550,000
                B. EAC = 525,000
                C. EAC = 500,000
                D. EAC = 425,000

Reference no: EM13235836

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