Each especially achieves each of the below four goals

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By using article in the link http://www.lean.org/common/display/?o=807 (dentist drill down to the root causes of office waste), Please help me on following question.  

Can you describe how each especially achieves each of the below four goals?Some of your responses may  contribute to more than one goal. Be specific and be thorough. Do not generalize. (Bullets and numbered lists would  be great.) Use the terminology in chapter 14 of Stevenson. For example, Instead of saying 'they used green  and red tags to indicate that additional manpower was needed to stay on track' you should say a 'kanban system was  used to signal addition needed manpower at that station'.

Common goals, among others, of lean operations are
1. Flexibility
2. Reduced Inventory
3. Time Efficiency 
4. Reduction in direct Costs

Reference no: EM13977585

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